KBA Rapida 75E-5+L

KBA Rapida 75E-5+L
Age 2011
Paper size max 530 x 750mm, Min 330 x 330mm
Paper thickness 0.04 – 0.6mm
Printing speed 15000 sh/h
ErgoTronic control unit
HARRIS & BRUNO chamber blade coating system
KERSTEN antistatic
Double size printing and transfer cylinders
ErgoTronic axial and diagonal registering
Automatic plate change system SAPC
Blanket washers, Ink rollers washers
Technotrans alpha.d with combicontrol.m
Grafix Digital powder


Planeta P44-5

Planeta P44-5
1985 year
s/n 222918
straight 4+0
water dampening
manual registering
still in printing